C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor)

Last updated: 27 Nov 2023
C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor)

C. G. F. (Chlorella Growth Factor) The most valuable substance in chlorella

What is the most valuable components in chlorella?

C. G. F. a component contained only in chlorella

This time, we already explain about an important constituent which is very unique to Chlorella. We already explained the amazing proliferating process and ability by which Chlorella is quadrupled to generate new cell very rapidly.

It is well known from long time ago that specific parts of plants at specific timings contain substance that induces divides for growth and proliferation(physiological phenomena) of organismic plants.

The cell of Chlorella, which is also kind of plants includes such a unique growth factor of accelerator called CGF(Chlorella Growth Factor), which is type of phytonutrients .

While animals including human beings and plants multiply their cell by binary fashion, Chlorella divides its cell into four every 20 to 24hours, and has tremendous life force. CGF is said to be deeply involved in this amazingly most rapid growth and proliferation process among other creatures. Unfortunately, the research hasnt shown entire structure and constituents of CGF as a medium to accelerate such a proliferation process. However, the following revealed constituents are identified with specific mechanism of proliferation process.

What has been revealed is that structurally it is a complex of nucleic acid including sulfur and amino acid. The sugar part of nucleic acid is formed by glucose mainly and others such as mannose, rhamnose, arabinose, galactose, xylose, and also amino acid composition of peptide is formed by glutamic acid, asparagine acid, alanine, serine, glycine, proline. These constituents are considered to work synergistically.

C.G.F content depends on specials of chlorella

Outdoor culture with the blessing of planty of solar energy

There are many species of chlorella, and the C.G.F. content entirely varies depends on species and culture method. Chlorella pyrenoidosa has the largest amount of C.G.F. than other species, and chlorella cultured outside under full exposure to sunlight has larger amount of C.G.F. than one cultured in tank from the aspect of culture method.

Certainly the tank culture has the advantage of being able to control temperature of culture solution and nutrients, prevent contamination, and increase the concentration of chlorella in culture solution. However, chlorella cannot photosynthesize, and the chlorella harvested differs from chlorella cultured outside from the standpoint of its constituent because it is tank-cultured in a dark place. This is similar to the way vegetables under garden farming differ from in greenhouse in taste and nutrients.

Difference between chlorella and spirulina

Spirulina is similar with chlorella. It is also well known as health food, but it doesnt contain C.G.F. In addition, they are placed in different families. Chlorella belongs to the green algae family, and then spirulina belongs to the blue green algae family.

Furthermore, chlorella has a round shape, but spirulina has a spiral shape.


1) Chlorella contains a unique C.G.F. which are related to its vitality.

2) There are many species of chlorella, and their components vary depending on the species and culture methods.

3) Chlorella and spirulina are similar, but they belong to different families.

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