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       Assigned by Sun Chlorella Corporation to distribute Sun Chlorella "A" solely in Thailand. Has been in business for more than 30 years. It is imported from Japan and has become well known as the best Chlorella product from Japan. And has the FDA mark (Thailand and Japan) to guarantee the quality of the product. The office is located at 57-58/100 Wongwanit Complex Building B, 20th Floor.

       Throughout the past, the company has been in business for a long time continuously and has also changed, improved, and developed various things. continuously To develop various services and maintain standards to create satisfaction and health of all consumers at all times.

       The company would like to thank you for the relationship and good feelings you have always had for the company. These good things will encourage the company to strive to develop even further forever.

Sun Chlorella Corporation is a leading manufacturer.

     which focuses on the production and distribution of high quality chlorella products was founded in December 1969 and in September 1976 began selling Sun Chlorella "A" using cell wall breaking technology. It is currently available in 21 countries and regions around the world in 2018. Sun Chlorella "A" Powder is certified by NSF International Sports, the first Chlorella product in the world to receive NSF Chlorella certification. For more than 40 years, Sun Chlorella Corporation has been dedicated to To help improve people's health In order to receive the benefits of Sun Chlorella A products to the world society.

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