Sun Chlorella "A" Manufacturing Process

For production of high-quality chlorella products, we never accept any compromise in the production base or process.

Slant culture/indoor flask culture

After transferring preserved Chlorella pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain) to slant cultures, they are placed under artificial light and allowed to proliferate under optimum temperature conditions. Chlorella cells grown in slant cultures are transferred to flat flasks containing a liquid medium. With a supply of air containing carbon dioxide and light, chlorella cells proliferate while performing photosynthesis. Each time the chlorella cells in the liquid culture medium rise to a certain concentration, they are transferred to successively larger flasks where growth continues.

Outdoor culturing

Chlorella grown indoors is moved outdoors, where culturing in the natural environment begins. The cells continue to proliferate under the sunlight in circular concrete pools equipped with agitators. As the concentration rises, the cells are transferred to successively larger pools.

Culturing in production pools

After completion of culturing, the cells are transferred to production pools, which are 36 meters in diameter. The agitators in these circular concrete pools constantly stir the cultures to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight. Culturing in these pools is carried out by carefully controlling the feed amount of culture medium (the nutrient for chlorella cells) in accordance with temperature and radiation of sunlight. Water used in the culture pools is groundwater that originates in mountains over 3,000 meters high. It, is clean, free from contamination and is stable in quality and quantity.

Filtration, dehydration,

washing and concentration

Chlorella cultured in a production pools is harvested after adjusting to the designated concentration. First of all, foreign substances mixed in the culture solution are eliminated by filtration followed by repeated dehydration and washing in a centrifuge and further filtration. The solution is concentrated after confirming that it is sufficiently clean.

Cell wall pulverization

The serious disadvantage of chlorella is the poor digestive rate due to its tough cell walls. This has been resolved by a method for pulverizing cell walls developed by our company. In this method, tough cell walls are pulverized physically using a machine called DYNO -Mill. Rigid beads present inside the cylinder are agitated together with chlorella by agitator blades. During the procedure, partial pressure differences are produced in the resulting in instantaneous transfer of chlorella cells from a high pressure region to a low pressure region and cell walls are pulverized by sudden expansion and rupture.

Sterilization of general live bacteria and inactivation of chlorophyllase

Chlorella contains an enzyme called chlorophyllase that produces a causal substance (pheophorbide) for photosensitivity. There is a procedure intended to inactivate this enzyme as well as for sterilization by mixing steam in the chlorella for high-temperature short time sterilization.


Raw chlorella readily decomposes, but it stabilizes when dried and can be preserved for a long time. In general, the spray-drying method is widely used to dry chlorella. A chlorella is sprayed into a hot air stream, becoming small droplets that dry instantly. In this way, dried chlorella in powder form, vivid green in color and an aroma like that of green seaweed or powdered green tea is obtained without deteriorating its quality. Powdered chlorella is very stable. If it is preserved under suitable conditions, it will suffer no decline in quality even after several years.


Tablets and granules are made by processing chlorella powder with press machines and other devices. At each stage in the process, inspections on visual appearance, weight, contaminants, bacteria, physical characteristics and analysis of ingredients are performed. Rigorous quality control is ensured by our own standards for important ingredients, which are stricter than government standards. In addition, our products are double-checked both in-house and at public institutions.


Tablets and granules that pass these inspections are packaged in aluminum. Finally, Sun Chlorella "A" - a health food product of the highest quality is complete. As this shows, we carry out rigorous steps for the control of production, manufacturing and quality and supply safe and high-quality Sun Chlorella "A" to improve the health of people around the world.

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